Tuli Safari Area
Nearest cityBulawayo
Coordinates21⁰55′44.88″S 29⁰11′25.51″E

Tuli Safari Area is a hunting area and protected area in the Matabeleland South Province. The safari has four reserves and they operate as one. The areas within the safari are managed by Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Estate and cover the entire west bank of the Shashe River within the Thuli Circle. [1] The wild animals found at Tuli include lion, elephants , wild dogs ,cheetah and leopards. The safari area has many tourist attraction places which include the Somale Ruins.

Visitors Guide

  • When to visit: All year round Monday to Sunday 6 am to 6 pm
  • Fee: Entrance and accommodation fees are payable
  • (1)From Harare at the junction of the A6 / A4 at Beitbridge take the A6 Beit Bridge to Bulawayo road for 5.3 KM and turn left at sign which reads Kuduland River Lodge and Nottingham estate HA-BANGALA. At 11.3 KM reach the Umzingwane River Bridge and immediately after turn right, 18.2 KM continue left at the junction and signposts for Nottingham Estate and green / yellow Tuli Safari Area, 23.7 KM pass the Kuduland sign on the left, 28.9 KM pass the Fishing Camp sign on the right. 38.1 KM keep right at the junction, 31.2 KM pass the ECM disused coal mine on the right, 42.2 KM pass the fly camp turnoff on the right, pass citrus fields, 57.2 KM pass entrance to Sentinel Ranch on the left. Continue travelling west, 109 KM reach Shashe Business Centre; 132 KM reach Limpopo Business Centre. Take the road north, 137 KM reach a junction which has a green / yellow sign saying department of parks and Wildlife – Tuli Safari Area and turn left, 150 KM reach Tuli Police camp. Turn left at the sign saying Aerodrome / Tuli Safari Area, 151.5 KM turn right into ZWMA camp, 152.3 KM reach National Parks office and check-in.
  • (2)From Bulawayo, main road to Gwanda. At the 132km peg, 6km beyond Gwanda, turn right in the direction of Tuli. PLEASE BE CAREFUL: though the road is graded occasionally, it is well used!! It leads to Tuli Police Station: 127.5km. The trip from Bulawayo totals 255.5km and takes approx. 3 hours – depending on the state of the road. Last refuelling station: Gwanda.

Tuli Police Camp, follow the sign saying Aerodrome / Tuli Safari Area, 134.7 KM turn right into ZWMA camp, 135.4 KM reach National Parks office and check-in. Shashi Wilderness Camp. Turn right on to trail marked "Shashi Wilderness Camp". This road leads straight into the Camp (1 km).

  • There is an earth airstrip at Tuli.

NOTE: The Shashe River crossing is about 600 metres of sand and requires 4WD to get across. [2]

Shashi WEZ Camping sites exist at the head office and within the safari area. There are no hotels or self-catering accommodation, but Shashe Wilderness Camp is run by [Wildlife Environment Zimbabwe]] and is about a kilometre to the north of National Parks reception on the eastern bank of Shashe. [1]


Some of the places visitors can go to when they visit Tuli are :

  • The Pioneer Grave Yard/Cemetery
  • The Pioneer Prison
  • The Old Fort at Tuli
  • The Old Pioneer Administration Offices Foundation
  • The Pioneer Baobab with names of the Pioneer Column
  • The Somlale ruins
  • The three Botanical Reserves (Pioneer; Tolo; and South Camp)
  • The Pioneer Scrap Yard (beef cans; beer bottles; old cartridges and other metal containers dumped by the pioneers)
  • The wild animals (Lion; Leopard; Cheetah; Elephants; Giraffes; Zebras; birds and unique vegetation) etc
  • The scenery (landscape)
  • The location for the Old Pioneer Hotel
  • guided walks with Parks Rangers [1]


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