[Blessing Dhlakama Mr Blue]


BIRTH NAME: Blessing Dhlakama

BORN DAY: April 21

CCUPATION(S): Music Producer Dj Ambassador


PRESENT LABELS: bb star entertainment

ASSOCIATED ACTS: Mr Cliq Dj Shellem Tammy Drop Rhyman Gaza President Akaz Kejoy Primash Mashava Dj Munya

Blessing Dhlakama Mr Blue is a music producer, DJ, English Junior Ambassador best known as the Director of BB STAR ENTERTAINMENT ; which is arguably the best entertainment platform in Chipinge (ZW) & Polokwane (SA)


Mr Blue was born Blessing Dhlakama 21 April. [1] He has 3 sisters of which one is late and brother who is based in South Africa.


Blessing Dhlakama Mr Blue started his Early Child Development at Shekwa Primary School. He also attended Tuzuka High School in Musikavanhu, Chipinge . His father Misheck, managed to look for his vacancy at DR AMS Makunyane High School in Seshego, Polokwane before enrolling at Chipinge High School. He also did part of his secondary education at Gaza High School.


Blessing Dhlakama Mr Blue founded BB Star Entertainment with his fellows: Dustin Lah Yena real name (Amogelang Dhlakama ) and More Blessing Jarasi in the Seshego residents of Polokwane in 2017. [1]Mr Blue also works as manager for Young T who is a fellow producer in Polokwane. [2] Mr Blue has worked with some of the best musicians in Chipinge .These include Fortany B, Jibbah Royal, Tammy Drop, St Boss, Bonny T, Senior Modho, Ganja Sniffer, Kwezi, Viggieman and Michael B. He has also nurtured young and upcoming musicians who have made an impact in the music industry. These include the likes of Ras Kid, Ras Kwivas and King Molesa. It is said it was his stint in Manchester which allowed Blessing to discover his interest in Entertainment


  • Ras Kwivas -Everytime 2017


To cap the year (2016) the youthful chanter was nominated 2rd English Junior Ambassador in Limpopo province. He beat other students from Mokopane, Messina, Louis Rtchard and Lephalale and walked away with R10 000. In September 2017, Blessing was one of the elected students to attend the UK Summer Fest held at Salford University in Manchester.


In his manners he does not often sell out himself . He always try to spoke fun at his classmates during computer studies . He doesnt give a rats ass about anyone. He however has the ability to socialize and interact with everyone, regardless of race, gender or social backround Some people prefer to call him (The Man Of God) due to the fact that he spend time with other people in a friendly way.


Little known by then , Blessing Dhlakama announced his grand entry in Zimbabwe in May 2018 with his name SK though it did not receive many likes . When he was named MR BLUE , the name went viral in the ghettos and he became popular in Chipinge. In interview with Jensen Trynor, he said "..... I would like to express my gratitude to Christinah , Carolyn , Perse & Berlinda for the name"


1.What does the name Mr Blue mean?


Mr Blue

Someone who doesnt give a rats ass about anyone. He however has the ability to socialize and interact with everyone, regardless of race, gender or socialbackround.

2. What inspired them to name Blessing Dhlakama = Mr Blue

ANSWER : (i)He used to wear a blue Jersey (ii)He is also a Chelsea Fc fan


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  • Ras Kwivas -Everytime 2017


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