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Dhlemiti Primary School

Dhlemiti Primary School is a government-run school situated in Tokwe 3 Resettlement areas of Chief Nhema in Shurugwi District which is under Midlands Province in Zimbabwe. It offers grade 1 up to grade 7. Before its establishment, the area belonged to Mabel Farm and to its south was a farm that belonged to Blessing Farm and to its north was a farm that belonged to Stanely. As one of the many post-independence Primary Schools built in Zimbabwe after the Lancaster House Agreement and land distribution program in Zimbabwe, it was named after a hill called Dyemiti meaning eating trees. The mountain has scattered trees and its the source of Mutevekwane and Mutevekwi rivers which run along the Chironde Range which is also part of the Great dyke of Zimbabwe and where Unki Platinum mine is situated. This school was established in 1986 and it is situated 60 kilometers eastern side of Shurugwi town and 90 kilometers southeast of Gweru which is the city of Midlands Province.

Before it was built, pupils went as far as Dombwe Primary School and Sibolise Primary school which are 15 kilometers away from Dhlemiti Primary School. In its first years of opening doors to pioneer pupils, they suffered from a lack of qualified teachers because the school was built far away from the main road, shopping center, and clinic. When Zviwumwa Secondary which is a secondary school for Dhlemiti Primary school established in 1994, Unki mine sponsored to build a clinic under Community Trust Ownership Program this attracted qualified teachers to have an interest in teaching at Dhlemiti Primary School. The first Headmaster of the school was Mr. Thondlana who was succeeded by Mr Dzimiri. Before the construction of the school, pupils used to learn under shades and trees while teachers were staying in huts built of poles plastered with clay soil. Dhlemiti Primary School provides education to surrounding Tokwe 3 Resettlement areas such as village 7, village 8, village 9, village 10, village 11 and village 14. For this school to maintain its standard of education and infrastructure it requires support from its community. The school had improved lives of its surrounding people especially those who did not manage to go to school during their young age. Before the construction of Zviwumwa Secondary School which caters to secondary education to pupils who completed grade 7, they used to travel long distances to Nyakari Secondary school which is 15 kilometers away from Dhlemiti Primary School. Other pupils went as far as Hanke Adventist Secondary School and Tongogara High School.This school has produced notable graduates like Thomas Thodlana,Thombizodwa Chidembo ,Takunda Matongo,Teresa Mhindu Kashiri, who is now working in Swirtzerland, Siwawa Symptom who has a Chrome mine company and others who are not mentioned here.