Valerie Moran

Valerie Moran is a Zimbabwean born Fintech Entrepreneur. Moran is considered the richest black woman in the United Kingdom with a net worth north of $150 million. She is the only black woman ever to appear on the Rich List in the UK.



Noel Moran[1]

Net Worth

In 2019, Valerie Moran's joint net worth was an estimated £122 million ($158.6 million) alongside her husband, Noel, ranking them as the joint 970th richest people in Britain. The couple hold an 81.5% stake in their fintech organization, Prepaid Financial Services, which specializes in financial technology. Valerie herself holds a 16.3% share of the company.[2]

In 2019, Valerie Moran became the first black woman to make The Sunday Times Rich List.[3]


She is a qualified systems analyst by profession.[3]


In Zimbabwe, Valerie Moran started working in property and later with a tobacco company.

She moved to London around 2003, prompted by a recession in Zimbabwe and worked in insurance before moving into the payments business with Noel.[1] In an interview she said she began working in fintech in 2007. Prepaid Financial Services (PFS) started with Noel and Valerie working from the kitchen table.[3]


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