Vanessa Ellen Chironga

Ellen Vanessa Chironga is a Zimbabwean entrepreneur and the daughter of flamboyant businessman Phillip Chiyangwa.



Vanessa's husband is Tanaka Chironga.[1]

Vanessa Chiyangwa and husband Tanaka Chironga


Sex Toys

Vanessa Chiyangwa sold lingerie and sex toys on her return from the UK where she spent about a decade.[1]


She owns NaturElle which is a skincare product made from natural ingredients, which Vanessa started from her kitchen after a battle with acne. Narrating how the product came about Vanessa said:

"I started making the product at the end of November (2015) and because it was Christmas time, we packaged it as a soap ball in wrapping paper. I started advertising my product and found out that people received it very well and so I officially started distributing in 2016."


Other Businesses

Vanessa owns her own designer handbags (LGS bags), lingerie (Peep Collection) and a day-care center for children (Aayah’s Play Centre in Waterfalls)[2]


In 2016, Vannessa revealed that she owned a Victoria Beckham 2013 edition Range Rover. Her father also gave her a Chrysler Crosshair.[1]


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