Vusa Mkhaya
Vusa Mkhaya.jpg
BornVusumuzi Ndlovu
(1974-10-19)October 19, 1974
ResidenceVienna, Austria
EducationInhlathi High School
Alma materJohan Fuchs Music Conservatorium, Austria
  • Musician
Years active1991 to Present
OrganizationARC and Mkhaya Music Productions
Known forBeing a musician.

Vusa Mkhaya is a Zimbabwean born Imbube musician based in Austria. He is most known as a member of the award winning vocal trio Insingizi. A group he gained commercial and critically acclaimed success from the 2004 debut album, Voices of Southern Africa / Spirit of Africa, which sold over 250,000 units in North America. His solo offerings, The Spirit of Ubuntu (2006), Vocalism (2012) and UManyanyatha (2016) are emotive musical stories of love, heartbreak, everyday living.


Vusa Mkhaya was born Vusumuzi Mkhaya Ndlovu in Bulawayo on the 19th of October 1974.[1] Explaining how he got the name Vusa Mkhaya he said:

Everyone calls me Vusa so I just took that and added my middle name Mkhaya to create my stage name.

[2] He was born and raised in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. It is here that he was introduced to Imbube and fell in love with it. At nine years he was already part of the school choir.


Vusa attended Mahlabezulu Primary School (1981 -1987) and for his secondary education he went to Inhlathi High School (1988-1989) both in the township of Tshabalala in Bulawayo, from 1990 -1991 he was at Nhlambabaloyi Secondary School in Ntabazinduna. He studied music theory and Accordion at the Johan Fuchs Music Conservatorium in Graz Austria for 3 years.[1]


Mkhaya released his second solo album Vocalism in 2012 after releasing the debut album The Spirit of Ubuntu in 2006. It is a celebration of what he loves doing best - singing.[3] He released a third solo album Manyanyatha in 2016. Explaining how he came up with the title for his third album, Mkhaya said:

Manyanyatha is my nickname that my uncle gave me as a kid. I am told every time music was played on radio or TV I stood up and sang along and danced. This is how the name Manyanyatha was born. So I am paying tribute to those that encouraged me to sing when I was growing up

[4] UManyanyatha was then re-released internationally on 26 June 2020 under Canadian record label Naxos, with additional songs digitally re-mastered and with a new title UManyanyatha – Songs from the Soul of Zimbabwe.

UManyanyatha, his third solo album, puts Vusa’s 'favourite instrument' - the human voice - centre stage again. Rooted in Southern African tradition, the warmth of solo vocals and imbube harmonies groove to the colourful pattern of modern instrumentation.[5]

As a member of Insingizi he released six albums.[1] The trio comprises of Mkhaya, Blessings Nkomo and Dumisani Ramadu Moyo. Mkhaya is credited for mentoring the likes of Nobuntu and mbira queen, Hope Masike among others.[6]


  • As Insingizi he was awarded with the Prix France Musique de Monde 2010 (Radio France World Music award) at the Babel Med World Music Forum in Marseille, France.[6]
  • The trio was also awarded the 2019 Outstanding Arts Ambassadors (Rest of the World) at the third edition of the Roil Bulawayo Arts Awards.
  • His album Vocalism was nominated for an Austrian World Music Award. Their first CD as Insingizi sold gold in the United States.[1]
  • In 2019 Vusa was bestowed with the UK Zim Achievers Award (For Service to Music and Cultural Promotions).
  • In March 2020 he was awarded with National Arts Merit Awards (NAMA) for Outstanding Artist in the Diaspora Award.


The Spirit of Ubuntu (2006)

  • Khuza
  • Africa
  • Ubuntu
  • For My Father
  • Kudala
  • Ekhaya
  • Vuka
  • Shiya

Vocalism (2012)

  • Ulele
  • Diaspora
  • Umakoti ( The Bride)
  • S’thethelela (Forgive us)
  • Brunnenmarkt
  • Hayi (No)
  • Ukukhala (Mourning)
  • Schweinsbeuschel
  • Khetha eyakho (Make your choice)
  • Sohlangana Khona ( We Will Meet There)
  • Tavaszi szel
  • Uthando Lukababa (Gods Love)
  • Ngiyazula (I am a Traveller)
  • Ukukhala
  • Nhgale komfula (Beyond the river)

Manyanyatha (2016)[7]

  • Mayibabo
  • Manyanyatha
  • Lizobuya
  • Africa
  • Ubuntu
  • Lalela
  • Siyeza
  • Uthando
  • Kudala
  • Bayakhala
  • Naisiyai
  • Abalalanga
  • Zhiya



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