Political Scientist
Vusi Nyamazana
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Vusumuzi Nyamazana is an accountant and political scientist who is a Zimbabwean. In February 2018, Nyamazana launched a Mnangagwa-Meter, a website which tracks President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s performance based on the promises that he makes.


Vusumuzi Kumbulani Nyamazana was born on 30 May 1978 in Kadoma. Nyamazana grew up in Chegutu where he attended St Francis Secondary School for his ‘O’ level Education. He then moved to Mrewa High for his ‘A’ levels. Nyamazana is married and has two daughters.


He studied for a Bsc Politics and Administration with the University of Zimbabwe, MBA with ZOU and Bcompt with UNISA. Nyamazana received his accounting training from PG Industry where he did Articles of Clerkship and concurrently went through a graduate management training program.


He is a Finance Executive who has worked in various industries including manufacturing, building hardware retail, construction, agribusiness, transport and logistics, and non-profit organizations. He currently runs his freight logistics company in South Africa and is the sponsor and team leader for a government policy monitoring website MnangagwaMeter.

Website launch

In February 2018, Vusi Nyamazana launched a website which he indicated that it aimed at tracking performance on politicians and hold them accountable to the electorate for what they promise to do. Nyamazana said this on the launch of the initiative.

The website is a non-partisan resource that is useful to all people, regardless of political viewpoint, who are interested in monitoring the accomplishments of President Mnangagwa in an unfiltered manner. How can anyone keep faith in politics whilst there is such confusing pile of conflicting pile of conflicting views on the government’s progress? If we want a strong and responsive democracy in Zimbabwe, we need to develop a culture of “Monitorial Citizenship”, where we monitor these promises and challenge the government where it falls short. Civic engagement is too important to be something we do only at elections.