Washington Malianga
OccupationTeacher ,Politicians
Political partyZAPU

Washington Malianga was a Zimbabwean nationalist and brother to Morton Malianga.


Washington was born at Mutare Mission in 1926. He was the third in a family of nine boys and one girl. His father was a primary school teacher and evangelist with the United Methodist Church.


Washington received his primary education at Old Umtali Mission where he passed Standard VII. He then went to St Augustine’s, Penhalonga, where he obtained his Junior Certificate. He obtained his Matriculation Exemption by correspondence.


He taught at various primary schools in Southern Rhodesia from 1947. He worked for an industrial concern in Salisbury. He joined the Commercial and Allied Workers’ Union, of which he became Secretary-General and, later, Chairman.

Political Career

In 1961 he was appointed Secretary-General of ZAPU.In this position, he was heavily involved in the political unrest which erupted during the next two years.