Wellence Mujuru
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Born (1994-03-18) March 18, 1994 (age 28)
Years active2010 - Present
Known forSocial Media

Wellence Mujuru is a prominent social media influence in Zimbabwe. He posts regularly to his Twitter and Facebook where he has a significant following. Wellence Mujuru is often mistaken for being the son of politician Joice Mujuru.


Mujuru has been accused misrepresenting facts by claiming he is a consultant at the United Nations on his social media. Reports claimed this not to be the case. [1]

In October 2018 it was reported that Wellence Mujuru had defrauded some people through an organisation called Rwisa Cancer which turned out to not be a registered organisation. According to reports Mujuru misrepresented. The reports cited one Albert Nyarugwe who apparently confirmed on Facebook that Wellence Mujuru (alias Alex Zimbo, Dionne Chasa) defrauded people of at least US $13,000 through the fake organization.[2]

In August 2020, following the death of political activist Patson Dzamara, Mujuru accused ZimEye owner and journalist Simba Chikanza of publishing fake news that contributed to delays in Dzamara getting treatment for cancer. Mujuru also accused Chikanza of publishing fake news about Mujuru himself in the past:

Dear Simba Chikanza

😔 I don't write this with bitterness but with concern. Big Brother have you ever review how much impact your online news platform has on people's lives. By posting unverified information or the other side of the story you can destroy lives. I remember the day before yesterday when I asking people to donate towards Patson's medical treatment and a lady started allegeding that Zimeye reported Patson Dzamara 😭 has received full medical cover (which was untrue) and that zvatakuita takubira vanhu mari 😔. It detered a lot of people from donating apa he desperately needed that money to start operation. Please please try by all means to post verified information. Ini chaiye up until now from your news platform you accused me of stealing 15k USD among other allegations an allegation that had no witness , no evidence,no arrest its been 3 years no1 has came forward to say ndine ndakabirwa Mari naWellence . Some people believed you and l have to carry that false allegation for the rest of my life. Hazvina hazvo mhosva but in conclusion Please use your platform wisely sometimes its having an impact in people's lives. God Bless[3]

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Personal Life

In 2018 it was reported that Mujuru is the son of Joel Mujuru, a ZESA contractor in Chinhoyi and his official address is a White City, Chinhoyi address. Joel Mujuru is cousins with the late politician Solomon Mujuru.

Mujuru's marital status is not known and his networth is unclear too.


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