In 2022, Wellington Chikombo, while a student at the University of Zimbabwe was running for Member of Parliament for Glen Norah Constituency for CCC, had been a Harare City Councillor and Chair of the Human Resources Sub-Committee (2016), and was MDC Provincial Chairman for Harare Province.

Personal Details

Born: 4 August 1981, Buhera.

School / Education

3 November 2019 - Present (2022): Student University of Zimbabwe,

Service / Career

In 2016, Wellington Chikombo was MDC provincial chairman for Harare. He said "the Mnangagwa administration had failed to provide leadership. He said instead of uniting people, the government had always found excuses to inflict pain to its citizens."

In the Zimbabwe By-elections (March 2022) Wellington Chikombo of the CCC won 5098 votes in Glen Norah Constituency, thereby retaining the seat he won in 2018. MDC Alliance’s Mabhande Israel won 280 votes, Zanu-PF Magaya Chrispen Allen won 1552 votes, Munyuki Allan of UDA won 49 votes while Garwe Kuda won 58 votes. [1]

In the 2022 By-Elections, (see Zimbabwe By-elections (March_2022)) Glen Norah returned to Parliament:


In October 2016, Cllr. Wellington Chikombo, Chair of the CoH Human Resources Sub-Committee, said they were un-happy with the situation, where many workers had not been paid and the issue of giving them stands in exchange for outstanding salaries was before Council. [2]

In March 2021, Wellington Chikombo was named as one to those whose cars parliament sought to re-posses. [3]

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