West Nicholson is a village on the Bulawayo - Beitbridge Highway. The village was originally built around a gold mine. It is now a center for cattle ranching. It is in the Gwanda District. The Silalabuhwa Dam, on the Insiza River, north of the river, supplied water for irrigation schemes in the area.


Lat/long: 21°4′S, 29°22′E.


Nicholson (gold) Mine was opened in 1900. Copper was worked in the area in 1905, but the volume was insufficient to sustain operations. Asbestos was also found.
In 1905, a rail branch reached West Nicholson from Bulawayo.
In the 1980's, canneries were operational there, mainly beef, but also fruit and vegetables.


The 1969 Rhodesian Census put the population as 1 830 African, 82 European, 17 Coloureds, Total = 1 930.

See J Z Moyo High School.

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