Western Union is An American Financial Services And Communication Company that allows users to send or receive money from another location without using the formal banking channel. The sender just has to confirm if the receiver can collect the money from the nearest Western Union Branch.

Western Union
Western Union

How Does Western Union Work

  1. First, the sender has to make sure the receiver will get the money they are sending in the currency they wish the receiver to receive.
  2. The sender will look for a Western Union Agent First and go fill a sender's form and give it to the attendant together with the money they want to serve or the accounts the money can be deducted from in other instances.
  3. The Sender is asked a test question they should give the receiver and upon completing the process they are given a 10 digit number called the MTCN number they should give the receiver.
  4. The giver will give the receiver the details and the MTCN number and the test question answer for them to collect the money.
  5. The Receiver will take the details to the nearest Western Union Branch and fill the receiver's form and collect their cash.

Western Union Branches in Zimbabwe

These are the branches that a receiver or a sender can use to send or receive money in Zimbabwe

  1. CBZ
  2. POSB
  3. Agribank
  4. Easy Link
  5. Direct Connect
  6. Gweru Kingstones