Princess Wezizwe Feziwe Sigcau

Princess Wezizwe Feziwe Sigcau is a member of the AmaMpondo Royal House in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. She also the mother of Zulu king Misuzulu Zulu's child Prince Jubezizweni Sigcau-Zulu.


Princess Wezizwe is the daughter of Queen Lombekiso MaSobhuza Sigcau and the late King Mpondombini Thandizulu Sigcau who had been eastern Mpondoland king since 1978, was in 2011 stripped of the kingship.[1]


Princess Wezizwe Sigcau was born in April.

Relationship with Misuzulu Zulu

Princess Wezizwe Sigcau is the mother of Misuzulu Zulu's son Prince Jubezizweni Sigcau-Zulu. [2]


Princess Bhekisizwe Sigcau


Prince Jubezizweni Sigcau-Zulu

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AmaMpondo Kingship Dispute

Princess Wezizwe Sigcau challenged the announcement of Zanozuko Tyelovuyo Sigcau as king of the amaMpondo nation by President Jacob Zuma following a probe by the Nhlapo Commission into the authenticity of South African kingships.

In 2013 the Constitutional Court set aside Zuma's announcement, published in the government gazette, that Zanozuko was king, saying the president had acted under the amended act instead of the unamended act. The court said its decision was limited to the notice and certificate issued by Zuma.

Mpondombini died before the court's judgment, but his family felt that the Constitutional Court had vindicated him and nominated his daughter Wezizwe Sigcau as queen.

Cogta and Zuma challenged this decision in the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria. Both parties argued that the law did not require the president to consult the royal family to identify a king. The court agreed.

Following a failed application to the Supreme Court of Appeal, Wezizwe turned to the Constitutional Court.

In its 2018 ruling, the Constitutional Court said it agreed Zanozuko was king. It said that since the court had handed down its judgment in 2013, "nothing had been done by anybody" to pursue the application for the review and setting aside the commission's decision".

The ruling further stated that five years had lapsed since the Constitutional Court's decision in 2013.[3]


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