Willdale Limited

Willdale Limited is a brick making company in Zimbabwe and the only brick company listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE).


Willdale Limited was founded in 1957 in Harare, Zimbabwe. The Company was listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange in March 2003 following its demerger from Mashonaland Holdings Limited.


Willdale manufactures a wide range of bricks and related products. The premium supplier of clay bricks has a wide range of face bricks that include rustic face bricks, smooth face bricks and brushed face bricks.

Face Bricks

The premium supplier of clay products has a versatile collection of face bricks that include rustic face bricks, smooth face bricks and brushed face bricks. The elegant range of rustics face brick carries a dynamic and distinctive form giving your home an unsophisticated yet classic look. The smooth face bricks are more refined, stylish, elegant, scaling dizzy heights that only call for architectural connoisseurship. These come in different exciting colour variations such as red multi, plum brown, ash blue, ash blue multi, blue heart and dark harvest. A range of profiles, textures, colours, all contribute to make any artwork a masterpiece. This makes your building experience a pleasure as you can play around with the different colour variations, giving you the chance to make your dream house a reality.

Economy Plaster

Available on the Willdale product list are the economy plaster and the load bearing bricks that may be plastered and painted, depending on the customer choice. With Willdale bricks, exceptional value comes through the creative balance between strength of construction and the delivery of ultimate quality. Aesthetic appeal and elegance meet world class standards, design sophistication, and are ultimately a hallmark of quality.

Special (Ground Solutions)

Willdale offers intriguing ground solutions for your pavements, driveways, walkways, patios, swimming pool surrounds and general hard landscaping areas. These come in the form of driveway bricks that are available in either red multi or blue multi colour variations.

At the customer's disposal are also quarry tiles that can either be 9 x 6 or the smaller 6 x 6 that come in red multi, plum brown, blue blue and blue multi.

Since time immemorial, pavers have been used in public places, beautifying the areas in which they have been laid. Even the Romans and the Greek during their reigning empires are famous to have had streets adorned by this witty ground solution. Pavers have however transcended the test of time and to date; pavers retain their classic looks and inimitable strength to handle vehicular and pedestrian weight with much ease. Willdale pavers are available in the rich and dramatic red multi and blue multi colour variations.

Special (decorative building solutions)

Every building, regardless of how grand it may look, will still look shabby if the finishing touches are not done to perfection. Willdale offers immaculate decorative building material such as window cills, faggots and klompies. The window cills are meant to decorate wherever there are window panes in a building, requiring little attention other than being polished once in a while. They are available in the red multi, plum brown, blue blue and blue multi variations.

Add the Midas touch to your house with the exciting range of faggots and klompies as the winter approaches. Faggots are the bricks that are laid at the fire-place and are resistant to the heat and smoke from the fire-place. A bigger version of the faggots are the klompies which also perform the same purpose as faggots but are meant for bigger settings such as fireplaces in public lounges. Give your visitors a warm welcome, light them a fire and let them sit back, relax, and marvel at the splendour of Willdale's clay decorative building solutions.

Also available on the company's product range are robust cable covers, which are basically made from natural materials so they do not succumb to nature's demise and these are manufactured for clothing underground cables.