William Masvinu
William Masvinu
Image credit: AFP, Via: ABC Local
BornWilliam Masvinu
ResidenceMbare, Harare

William Masvinu is a Zimbabwean model mostly known for winning the Mr. Ugly competition a number of times. He lost the title once to Maison Sere in November 2015 and was barred from the competition in 2017.William Masvinu Barred From Taking Part In Future Mr Ugly Contests.


He was born Wiliam Masvinu in 1974. He lives in Epworth. Masvinu is married to Alice Chabhanga.ref name=""> Zimbabwe's William Masvinu is crowned Mr. Ugly, , Published:31 May 2012 , Retrieved: 13 December 2017</ref>


Masvinu is a tout at Mbare bus terminus. He first won the Mr Ugly competition in 2012.[1]

Losing in 2015

In 2015, after losing the crown to Maison Sere, Masvinu accused the judges of cheating as he said he was the most ugly of the contestants.

"I am naturally ugly. He is not. He is ugly only when he opens his mouth,The judges were not fair, the organizers must look for new judges to start the contest afresh. I did not lose today,"

[2] [3]

Comments on his looks

Masvinu was reported to have said

“My ugliness comes naturally to me and although I did a bit to prepare for the show, I let them do the rest.”[4]

Mr. Ugly Competition Ban

After winning the Mr. Ugly Zimbabwe title for four times, Masvinu was reportedly barred to perform from the contest. The director of the pageant reportedly said that other people should be given the opportunity to perform. Masvinu was also accused of intimidating and scaring away other competitors. However, Masvinu vowed to resist the move by saying

There is no way I can simply stand aside and look. The only way they can hound me out of the pageant is the emergence of another champion who is uglier than me, otherwise, I am not going anywhere.[5]


Mr-ugly-William Masvinu
William Masvinu and his wife
William Masvinu and wife
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William Masvinu
William Masvinu in White Suit


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