Willis Wataffi

Willis Afrika Wataffi is a popular afro-fusion artiste and the founder of the Qaya foundation Mentorship Initiatives. Wataffi gained notoriety when he was the lead singer of the multi-award winning group Afrika Revenge. Wattafi, who wrote most of the popular Afrika Revenge songs such as Anochengeta, had since gone solo after the group split in 2007. He has released top chatting hits like Rusambo and Nzira masanga as a solo artist. In May 2014, Wataffi embarked on his maiden Dubai tour that saw him perform at the Dubai Arts Expo.


Wattaffi is a Kore Kore born in Umvukwesi in Mvurwi.

Music career

  • Afrika Revenge

Wataffi teamed up with Mehluli Moyo whose stage name is Taz in 1998 to form the group Afrika Revenge. This was after the group they used to play with Soul Eternal disbanded. The group was one of the best in the country after the release of thei album, Afrika Revenge Presents Qaya Musik.. Most of the songs were written by Wataffi himself. The group became popular with such songs as Wanga, Anochengeta and Buwe Buwe. Their prowess was evident when the group won five awards for the album. The awards includes: Zimbabwe Music Awards (ZIMA) (2004)

  1. Song of the Year for 'Wanga'
  2. Best Male Artiste
  3. Best Jazz Album
  4. Best Newcomer

National Arts Merit Awards (NAMA) (2005)

  1. Outstanding Album Award for their debut album Afrika Revenge Presents Qaya Musik.[1] The group split in 2007 leading Wataffi to launch his solo career.
  • Solo Career

He went on to launch a successful solo career after the split. He released his debut album, Zhizha in December 2007. The album was a success and carried hits such as Arumwa, Rusambo and Mabrake. The songs received favourable airplay on local stations. He went on to relase his second offering, Qaya Roots in 2009  Which carried the hit songs Woman of Rock and Nzira masanga. The latter reached number one on Power FM's hit list and other stations.


Wataffi's music is called qaya rootz which means home music that is deep rooted in its way of life to pan Africanism and to the total unification of Africa. The sound seeks to celebrate the footprints of those legends who came helped shape the future we live in today and to instill pride and nostalgia in every African and to shift the earth beneath the feet of the oppresser. Wataffi says his music is a depiction of a modern African society, a true African experience and a social commentary.[2]


Wataffi launched the Qaya Rootz mentorship programmes in 2005 and it focuses mainly on charity work and mentorship of local artistes. With his own pocket, Wataffi has so far mentored and launched several Bulawayo artists. The idea behind the initiative to give the upcoming artists a much needed platform showcase their talent.


  1. Zhizha-A time to Sow(2007)
  2. Qaya Roots (2009)

Dubai tour

Wataffi was invited by various Dubai-based Zimbabwean business communities to perform and interact with other artistes in Dubai. He was to perform for two weeks at the month-long Dubai Arts Expo which started at the beginning of May 2014.[3] This was part of his Qaya Foundation Mentorship Initiatives.


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