Winnie Mandeya

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Air Vice Marshal

Winnie Mandeya
Winnie Cabby Mandeya
Personal details
Winnie Mandeya

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Known forBeing the first female Air Vice Marshal in Zimbabwe

Winnie Mandeya is a Zimbabwean military personnel. In 2022, she became the first Vice Air Marshal when she was promoted by President Emmmerson Mnangagwa in November.


In 2019, Winnie Mandeya was promoted from the rank of Air Force of Zimbabwe (AFZ) Group Captain to the rank of Air Commodore. In 2022, she was promoted from the rank of Air Vice Marshal, a rank equivalent to a Major General in land forces.[1]

Air Commodore Mandeya crossed the border at a tender age to join other young cadres in the liberation struggle that resulted in independence in 1980.

Educational Background

General Career

Political career

Political ideology

Positions Held

  • Air Vice Marshal;
  • Air Commodore - 5 December 2019, four years after the promotion of the first female Air Commodore in the Air Force of Zimbabwe, Air Cdre Ellen Chiweshe in 2015. Air Cdre Mandeya was posted to Zimbabwe Defence Forces Headquarters (ZDF HQ) and appointed Director General Service Personnel (DG SP) thereby becoming the first female officer to hold that office;
  • Air Force of Zimbabwe (AFZ) Group Captain

Major Successes




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