Witness Matema
Witness Matema Biography
Known forBeing a radio and television presenter
  • Crispen Matema (father)
  • Lucy Matema (mother)

Witness Matema also known as Chuman or Uncle Chu is a Zimbabwean radio and television personality.


Witness' father was the late Crispen Matema who was a five-time winner of the Jazz Drummer of the Year award. Matema's father tirelessly worked to create a distinct Zimbabwe rhythm which now has many genres like Zimjazz, Sungura and Chimurenga among others.

Witness Matema's mother Lucy succumbed to cancer on October 17 2017 and was buried beside her husband in Zvimba.[1]

Growing up, Matema exhibited exceptional talent in dance, winning a lot of school competitions back in the day.[2]


Witness Matema's siblings are sisters; Angelina Nyahunzvi and Dadirai – and five brothers – Mandi, Tadzi, Sly, Selwyn and Tanga who passed away in February 2017.[1]


Matema is married to Rumbidzai.[2]


Witness and Rumbidzai Matema have three daughters.[2]


At the young age of 18, Matema broke onto the scene when he landed a contract to play jazz at Solo's Garden. With his father's wide collection and astute music selection, his show at the joint became a popular Sunday hangout for many jazz fans.

At this time Matema met a lot of people in the jazz fraternity including the legendary Chris Chabuka, Friday Mbirimi, Simangaliso Tutani and Paul Lunga. Witness Matema was then given an opportunity by Peter Mubi to play alongside Hilton Mambo at Circus Night Club in Harare's Strathaven suburb.

He ventured into broadcasting as a radio presenter at the then Radio 3 now Power FM in 1996. Matema was selected top of the group that included Bridget Gavanga and Davies Mugadza.

Matema partnered Kudzi Marudza to form Huggies Entertainment, an entertainment and brand promotion outfit that focuses on old school music.[3][2]


Witness Matema worked at Country Boy Records as a producer; signing on brilliant artists who made it big at the time including Dino Mudondo, Noel Zembe, MC Villa, Major E, Booker T and Newman Chipeni.[2]


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