Yellow Card

Yellow Card is a Zimbabwean movie that was directed by John Riber and the writing credits to John Riber and Andrew Whaley. Tiyani was a rising young soccer star with the world at his feet. He finds himself caught between the conflicts of school, peer pressure, his sport, his family, falling in love and the consequences of a one-night stand.


A young man finds it's not always easy to navigate the rocky waters of love and sex in this teen-themed comedy-drama from Zimbabwe. Tiyane (Leroy Gopal) is a fairly typical teenager; he likes to play soccer, tries to do well in his studies, and has girls on the brain. However, Tiyane hasn't had much luck in finding a girlfriend, and his streetwise friend, a pretty girl he has known since childhood, and the two start dating; one night Skido (Collin Dube) urges him to take a more aggressive approach. Tiyane decides to turn on the charm to Linda (Ratidzo Mambo) after getting caught in a sudden rainstorm, one thing leads to another and the couple have sex for the first time. But it isn't long before Tiyane's eyes begin to wander, and he soon drops Linda for Juliet (Kasamba Mkumba), a pretty girl from a wealthy family. Linda feels awful, but soon finds it's more than just a matter of wounded pride -- she's pregnant. Tiyane is confused and angered by Linda's predicament; he thinks his problems are over when Linda is sent away by her family to have the baby, until he learns that Juliet is far less eager to give in to her impulses than Linda. Yellow Card received its American premiere at the 2000 Mill Valley Film Festival.[1]


Sex, Soccer and Life's Little secrets... Tiyane is in danger of becoming the local hero - at 17! Rising star in Hyenas; the township football team, responsible son and high school Prefect hopeful, Tiyane can't seem to put a foot wrong. But the game of life is about to stage a grand upset. His hormones are running riot and everybody wants a piece of him, especially Linda, a long-time neighborhood friend. Tiyane's game, but there are some things he hadn't bargained for. Like falling in love with the lovely Juliet, or becoming a Dad. As he tries to weave his way though the chaos of lust, love and self-deceiving, Tiyane finally has to face up to the fact that he has a son. A fast-paced, funny and touching story of teenage love, lust for life and passion for football.



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