Yvonne Musarurwa
Yvonne Musarurwa
Known forBeing convicted for politically charged murder of a police officer
Political partyMDC-T, (Thozozani Khupe faction)

Yvonne Musarurwa is a Zimbabwean politician and activist. She is a member of the MDC-T faction led by Douglas Mwonzora. She is mostly known for being convicted, along with 3 other members of the MDC-T, of the politically motivated murder of a police officer.

On 21 April 2018, Musarurwa was elected Organising Secretary of the MDC-T faction at an extraordinary Congress in Gweru.[1].

Arrest and Imprisonment

In June 2011, Musarurwa together with several other MDC-T members was arrested for the murder of police Inspector Petros Mutedzi during an MDC-T rally at Glen View 3 Shopping Center on 28 May 2011. Mutedzi had been trying to disperse the apparently unsanctioned political gathering. He was attacked by the MDC-T youths, who allegedly stoned him to death.[2]. A total of 29 members were eventually arrested in the weeks that followed.

In September 2013, a high court judgement freed 21 of the remanded MDC-T members. Musarurwa however was placed on further remand as it was determined she had a case to answer. See: High Court Judgement - 19 September 2013.

Musarurwa was eventually released on bail by the High Court in January 2014 after spending 33 months in remand prison.[3]

Musarurwa insisted that she was innocent:

“I was nowhere close to Glen View on the day in question,” says Musarurwa. “I was at a Youth for peace meeting.”[4]

On 12 December 2016, Musarurwa along with Tungamirai Madzokere and Last Maengahama, was convicted of the murder charge. They were sentenced to 20 years in prison each.[5] She was however freed in March 2018 under a Presidential Amnesty granted to 3,000 prisoners.[6]

Arrest for assault

On November 24 2021, Yvonne Musarurwa was arrested for allegedly assaulting Thokozani Khupe's aide Kudzanai Mashumba at a Press conference in October 2021. National police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi confirmed Musarurwa's arrest, saying some of Musarurwa’s co-accused were on the run.[7] Musarurwa and others claimed that Mashumba was no longer a member of the party and therefore he had no right to talk to the press about anything related to the MDC-T.[8]


Musaruwa is a Seventh Day Adventist. She is a single mother of 1 daughter. She said that her spending time in prison was a blessing in disguise at it had strengthened her faith in God. [4]


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