The ZIMCARE TRUST is a non profit making organisation , non-partisan which caters for the well welfare and well being of the mentally handicapped people in Zimbabwe. There are 14 schools (11 junior schools and 3 adult schools) in the country which were established under the ZIMCARE TRUST and are also managed by the trust.


The trust was founded in October 1981. Prior to 1981, there were 4 associations catering for the mentally handicapped people in the country. These associations were also operating separately. These were theHopelands Trust, the Salisbury(Salisbury was substituted by Harare after 1980) Association for the Care of the African Mentally Handicapped (SASCAM), the Midlands Association for the Mentally Sub-normal African Children (MAMSAC) and Sibantubanye in Zimbabwe Caring for Persons with Mental Challenges.[1] In 1981, these associations amalgamated to form the ZIMCARE TRUST.[1]

Services of The Trust

The trust has junior (5–17 years) and adult (18) schools and these separate groups are taught different subjects and skills.[1] They are however all trained and or educated to at least have basic literacy skills. The trust also offers technical-vocational skills as well as basic self service care and therapy to its clientèle.[1]

The juniors are taught how to sew and to make candles after being taught how to read and write. The adults are taught poultry, welding, pottery, gardening etc.[2] The associations usually employ its graduates though some start their own businesses.

Extra-Curricula Activities

All the 14 schools under the trust compete against each other during the Special Olympics Zimbabwe National Games (which comprises sports such as soccer, netball, volleyball, swimming etc) which are held annually.[3] Students from the trust also participate in the Special Schools Arts Festival.

Schools Under The Trust

  1. Ruvimbo School (Harare)
  2. Zambuko Workshop (Harare)
  3. Homefield Centre (Harare)
  4. St Catherines School (Harare)
  5. Batsirai School (Harare)
  6. Tinokwirira School (Harare)
  7. Sharon Cohen School (Chitungwiza)
  8. Sir Humphrey Gibbs (Bulawayo)
  9. Sibantubanye School (Bulawayo)
  10. Simanyane School(Bulawayo)
  11. Chengetai School (Mutare)
  12. Rubatsiro School (Kadoma)
  13. Ratidzo School (Masvingo)
  14. Mudavanhu School (Gweru)[2]


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