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The Zimbabwe Coalition on Debt and Development (ZIMCODD) is an NGO established in February 2000 to for advocacy on debt issues. It aims to facilitate citizens` involvement in making public policy more pro-people and pro-poor with a focus on issues around debt.

ZIMCODD has stated that it views indebtedness, the unfair global trade regime and lack of democratic people-centred economic governance as root causes of the socio-economic crises in Zimbabwe and the world at large.

Since January 2019, ZIMCODD is the Host of the Permanent Secretariat of the Southern African People`s Solidarity Network (SAPSN) of SADC. SAPSN's focus is the support the development of alternatives to corporate-led globalization. ZIMCODD is also host to the Zimbabwe Social Forum (ZSF).

Stated Objectives

• To raise the level of economic literacy among ZIMCODD members to ensure the participation of grassroots and marginalised communities in national governance processes. • To facilitate research, lobbying and advocacy in order to influence and promote policy change. • To formulate credible and sustainable economic and social policy alternatives. • To develop a national coalition and facilitate the building of a vibrant movement for social and economic justice.