Zaka lies in Masvingo Province, and is also a District. It is 86km SE of Masvingo. It is an administrative center for the area, and had a central grain collection depot. The name is said to derive from kwo-ka-zaka meaning 'to where it is going down' hence, low country.


Zaka is on the Chiredzi River. Lat/Long: 20°21′S, 31°27′E


Before the colonial era, Mtsatsuri and his younger brother Gutu quarreled. Mtsatsuri left the area (now Gutu district), and settled in what became the Ndanga area. When Gutu tried to follow and settle, Mtsatsuri changed his name to Ndatanga - I was the first here, and it the name shortened to Ndanaga. [1]

Established in 1923.

Zaka is very low-lying, so the name kwa-ka-zaka, meaning "to where it is going down", applies. [1]

Administration / Infrastructure

In the 1990 Parliamentary Election (see A History of Zimbabwean Elections) Zaka East returned to Parliament:

Turnout - 13 371 voters

Zaka West returned:

Turnout - 22 536 voters or 47.25 %

The Zaka Local Government is Zaka RDC.

See Rudhanda Secondary School.
See St Antony’s High School.

Other information

Zaka Bus Accident (16 Dec 2013)
16 February 2021 - ZRP shoots person (Marxwell Matembudze) resisting arrest. [1]

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