Date: 16 December 2013
Location: Zaka
Involved: Passenger Bus
Deaths: 16
Injuries: 11 injured
Cause of Accident: Overspeeding

Zaka Commuter Omnibus Accident (16 Dec 2013)
Date 16 Dec 2013
Time Afternoon
Location 65km peg Zaka- Jerera road, Masvingo
Country Zimbabwe
Cause speeding
Deaths 16
Injuries 11
Damage bus damged



The accident claimed 7 lives on the spot while 9 more died on admission at Musiso Hospital in Zaka, in Masvingo Province.[1] It is was reported that the accident occured when a Nissan caravan commuter omnibus veered of the road due to overspeeding. It is said that the commuter was rushing to catch a ZUPCO bus which was plying the same route. According to witnesses. the driver failed to negotiate a sharp curve and run out of the road killing seven instantly and injuring the rest. It is said that the driver also died in the accident. The bus was travelling from Svuure area under Chief Bota with 23 passengers on board, heading towards Jerera Growth Point in Masvingo.[1] Officers from the Zimbabwe Republic Police who attended to the accident were quoted as saying, "Upon arriving at the 65 km peg along the same road, the driver failed to negotiate a bend and the vehicle veered off the road before overturning several." The police also indicated that the commuter was overloaded with 23 passengers on board instead on the recommended 15 passengers.[2]


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