The Zanu-PF Central Committee is the party's principal organ of Congress and the second highest decision making body after the Politburo. The Central Committee meets for an ordinary session once every three months, or at any time in special or extraordinary sessions. It can amend the party constitution, subject to ratification by a congress.


On 19 November 2017, the Committee met at the party's headquarters in Harare to decide on the fate of the party's president and first secretary Robert Mugabe following the votes of no confidence by the 10 provinces.


Powers & Functions of the Zanu-PF Central Committee

Being the principal organ of the Zanu-PF Congress and acting on behalf of Congress when it's not in session, the Central Commitee has full plenary unfettered powers to:

Membership Structure

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The Central Committee is made up of 300 members consisting of:

The different organs and provinces forward their members to the Central Committee after holding elections.

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