The Zanu-PF National People's Congress is the party's highest decision making organ. After it comes the Politiburo and Central Committee. It has the distinction of having the power to change the party's constitution. Congress meets once every 5 years for ordinary sessions. At the convening of Congress, half of the total membership of Congress form a quorum.

An extraordinary session of Congress may however be convened if called for by majority of the members of the Central Committee or the President of the party (if a resolution is bad by not less than one third of members of the Central Committee, or at least five Provincial Executive Councils.

Congress Composition

  • Members of the Central Committee;
  • Members of the National Consultative Assembly;
  • Members of the Women's League;
  • Members of the National Council of Youth League;
  • Members of the Provincial Coordinating Committees;
  • Members of the various Provincial Executive Councils; and
  • Members of the District Coordinating Committees;
  • Unless otherwise directed by the Central Committee, the Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Political Commissar and Treasurer, two members from the Women's League and two members from the Youth League from every District Executive Council of the Party

The Powers and Functions of the Zanu-PF Congress

  • Be the supreme policy-making organ of the Party;
  • Elect the President and First Secretary, two Vice Presidents and Second Secretaries and the National Chairman of the Party;
  • Elect members of the Central Committee;
  • Approve the heads and deputies of departments who shall constitute •the Politburo;
  • Formulate, pronounce and declare all policies of the Party;
  • Formulate and issue directives, rules and regulations to all organs of-the Party;
  • Approve the financial statements of accounts;
  • Be the supreme and ultimate authority for the implementation and supervision of the policies, directives rules, and regulations of the , 'Party; and
  • Have the power and authority to amend the Party Constitution

Other party organs

Zanu-PF Constitution

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