The Youth Interface Rallies were a series of political rallies held from 2 June 2017[1] to November 2017. The rallies were organised by the Zanu-PF Youth League led by Kudzai Chipanga. The president Robert Mugabe and first lady Grace Mugabe spoke at the rallies. Officially, the rallies were said to have been held to give youths an "opportunity to meet the president and mobilise them to register for 2018 elections". The rallies however were generally viewed as a platform for factional fights within Zanu-PF. Specifically the rallies were viewed as a tool for Grace Mugabe and the G40 Faction.


Mashonaland East - 2 June 2017

Matabeleland North - 21 July

Midlands - 1 September

Bulawayo - 4 November

Harare - 18 November (upcoming)


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