The Zimbabwe Achievers Awards (Z.A.A.) are Zimbabwean awards that recognise excellence by Zimbabweans who have pushed the limits against all odds to raise the Zimbabwean flag high in the diaspora. The awards are currently held in 3 countries; United Kingdom, USA, South Africa, and Australia. They have been there for 10 years.

The awards were founded in 2010 by Conrad Mwanza and have grown to become an important event for Zimbabweans in the diaspora and the award a distinct recognition.

The awards celebrate the success achieved by Zimbabweans in the areas of art, business, expression and achievement.



The stated vision of the awards is to:

  • Recognise and reward the contributions of Zimbabweans to the diaspora community.
  • Celebrate the success of African Migrant contribution.
  • Highlight the positive contributions Zimbabweans make to the diaspora community.
  • Create understanding and resonate national harmony by highlighting the positive aspects and impacts of multiculturalism.