Zimbabwe Banks and Allied Workers Union
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Secretary General
Peter Mutasa
Farai Katsande
AffiliationsZCTU, International Labour Organisation,

The Zimbabwe Banks and Allied Workers Union (ZIBAWU) is a Trade Union for workers in Zimbabwe's banking and financial services sector. it is the largest union for its sector. Its stated objective is to protect and promote the interest of workers in the Banking Industry and related Financial Sector in Zimbabwe. It was established in 1961.

ZIBAWU is an affiliate organisation of the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU)


The union was established in 1961 as an offshoot of South African Society of Bank Officials (SASBO). Its initial name was Rhodesian Society of Bank Officials (RHOSBO). RHOSBO used the same handbook as SASBO.

Eventually, due to the increasing differences in industrial legislation between South Africa and Rhodesia, after Zimbabwe's independence in 1980, a separate society for Zimbabwean bank workers was formed and the name was also changed to Zimbabwe Society for Bank Officials (ZISBO)

Ben Chikwanha at the time employed by Barclays Bank was the first black president of the union.

In 1990, the Union changed its name from ZISBO to Zimbabwe Banks and Allied Workers Union (ZIBAWU). The "Allied" component of the name catered for workers employed by Merchant Banks and Discount Houses.


The Trade Union holds its Congress every two years to elect new leadership comprising the President, the Vice-President and the National Executive members drawn from the various Union branches countrywide. The National Executive is tasked with the responsibility of running the affairs of the Union in between congresses. The day to day management of the Union is vested in the General Secretary who is an ex-officio member of the National Executive. The President of the Union is the chairman of the National Executive Committee.

Current (2016 - 2019)

  • Farai Katsande (President)
  • Peter Gift Mutasa (General Secretary)

Past Presidents

  • Ben Chikwanha (1980)
  • Amos Mhindurwa (ex-Stanbic Bank)
  • Richard Mawoyo(ex-Barclays now late)
  • Fidelis Chibwe (ex-CBZ)
  • L. Mapfumo(ex- Stanbic Bank)
  • Shingirai Mungate (Ex Standard Chartered Bank of Zimbabwe)
  • George Kawenda (Barclays Bank Zimbabwe)

Major Campaigns and Protests


A 2016 ZIBAWU Anti-BancABC Protest. BancABC was accused of attaching the mortgaged properties of its retrenched employees
A July 2016 ZIBAWU protest against the ill-treatment of employees at Steward Bank
A ZIBAWU March 2018 protest against Ozias Bvute's bid for election to the Goromonzi North member of parliament seat under the Zanu PF ticket. ZIBAWU accused Bvute of ill-treatment of employees at Metbank.
A September 2017 ZIBAWU protest against Stanbic bank for apparent victimisation of a union leader, former ZIBAWU Vice President Verity Mutsamwira. ZIBAWU burnt Burning Zuud Afrika and Southern Rhodesia flags at the protest.

Protest Videos


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Tel: +263 4 703 744/707 779
Fax: +263 4 706 674
E-mail: bankunion@zol.co.zw