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In January 2021 Government announced that it was working on a Zimbabwe Covid-19 Vaccination Plan.

Acting Information Minister Jefferson Muswere told journalists that frontline health care workers and the elderly will first be inoculated.[1]

Appeal For Funding

Mthuli Ncube issued a statement seeking help from Zimbabwe’s corporate sector, citizens and other well-wishers to fund the import of COVID-19 vaccines.[2]

Ncube's appeal for assistance came days after George Guvamatanga told The Sunday Mail that Government had set aside US$100 million for the procurement of around 20 million vaccine doses to immunise 60 per cent of Zimbabwe's population, which would help the country attain herd immunity.

Guvamatanga said Government was only waiting on scientists to advise it on which vaccine to procure. He added that the Government had enough funds to buy the vaccines. He said:

"The Government has set aside US$100 million for the vaccines to procure around 20 million vaccine doses to immunise 60 percent of the population, which will help us attain herd immunity. There are no standard prices for the vaccines because they are coming from different developers, but we have set aside US$100 million for that. So we are now waiting for the scientists to tell us which vaccine to buy and where to procure it from."[3]


In a State of the Nation Address broadcast on ZBC, Emmerson Mnangagwa said Zimbabwe would introduce vaccines that are scientifically ascertained to be safe.[4]

China donated 200,000 doses of the two-shot Sinopharm vaccine which will vaccinate 100 000 Zimbabweans.[5] Zimbabwe's Government purchased an additional 600 000 doses set to start arriving on 15 February 2021.[6]

Russia donated an undisclosed amount of its Sputnik V vaccine. Zimbabwe's Government negotiated for the procurement of more doses.

India pledged to provide vaccines and Zimbabwe is expecting some vaccines through the African Union’s Covax facility.

Russian diamond company Alrosa which has a 70 per cent stake in Alrosa Zimbabwe, also pledged to buy vaccines for Zimbabwe.[6]

The types of vaccines that will be available in Zimbabwe are:

  • Sinopharm
  • Sputnik V
CIMAS COVID-19 Test Center in Harare


Professor Mthuli Ncube initially announced that the Covid-19 vaccine will not be free for Zimbabwe’s citizens.

In an interview with Zimpapers Television Network, Ncube had said only health workers and most vulnerable citizens will get free COVID-19 vaccine jabs, with 'private citizens' paying between $2 and $7.

After being criticized by citizens on social media platforms, Ncube issued a statement backtracking and said that all donated vaccines will be free. Ncube said:

“It has come to my attention that my comments of the payment of the COVID-19 vaccine have been taken out of context. I would like to make it clear that the vaccines that the Government of Zimbabwe is procuring with the support of our international partners and friends, will be made available for free to the citizens of Zimbabwe.”


Constantino Chiwenga said that Covid-19 vaccines would be free to all our citizens who wish to be vaccinated.[8]


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