Zimbabwe Cross Border Traders Association (ZCBTA) is a non governmental organisation that represents the interests of cross border traders in Zimbabwe. It was formed in 2000 and has over 7000 members. ZCBTA also houses the secretariat of the Southern Africa Cross Border Traders Association (SACBTA).[1]

Agreement with KEI Laboratories

The Zimbabwe Cross Border Traders Association (ZCBTA) introduced a COVID-19 testing promotion in December 2020 that saw its members paying USD$15 during the festive season at KEI Laboratories in Bulawayo, the organisation’s president, Killer Zivhu confirmed.

Zivhu said the promotion was a development initiative which was introduced to console cross border traders who were facing challenges in accessing and affording COVID-19 tests. “All cross broader traders in Zimbabwe, we have a promotion for you in which you can get tested for Covi19 clearance certificate at UD$15 during this festive season,” he said.

Addressing the media in Harare in December 2020, Cross Border Traders Association president Mr Killer Zivhu said the initiative came as a relief to cross border traders who had been struggling to raise funds for Covid-19 tests.

“The biggest challenge is that the PCR Test is beyond the reach of an ordinary person, let alone a cross border trader,” he said. “To make matters worse, our people have been idle for the past nine months, they have not been operating, and most of them are bankrupt.

“Now, we have entered into an agreement with Kei Laboratories that they test every Cross Border Traders Association member at US$15 or R170 on going out of Zimbabwe, and US$10 on coming back. This comes as boost to our members.”[2]


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