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Zimbabwe Divine Destiny is a Christian Advocacy Organisation facilitating the Church's visibility and audibility on matters of governance. Micah chapter 4:1-4. The organization is led by Ancelimo Magaya


ZDD was formed 2008, in response to a deteriorating situation of politically motivated violence that saw people maimed, killed and displaced due to political affiliations. In the process of ministering to the victims of violence, it was glaring to note that the Church at large did not admonish the perpetrators of such evils despite claiming to be custodians of moral values and righteous living. It became apparent that the church’s aloofness was due to lack of a theological persuasion regarding the role of the church on matters of national governance and economics. Further, church leaders struggled to relate people’s social challenges to governance and policy issues. The result was the launch of ZDD, with four interventions; Biblical Advocacy Training for Church leaders, Prophetic Declaration Services (To condemn evil and embolden the church), Peace Promotion Centers and Christian Indaba on Governance and National Development.


To mobilize the Christian constituency and train strategic church leaders around advocacy issues using biblical tools.


To be an audible voice and visible image of the church that defines the destiny of Zimbabwe through various prophetic actions.

Vision for Zimbabwe

Prosperous citizens in a tolerant, violent free society that upholds human dignity in accordance with God’s standards of righteousness.


Voter awareness drive[edit]

Zimbabwe Divine Destiny (ZDD), launched a campaign to raise voter awareness among Christians in Zimbabwe and mobilise them to participate in the 2018 election.Magaya said the looming elections could only be different if people not only voted freely in peace, but also with a conscience which guides voters to select leadership on Godly principles.[1]

“An election is so critical that a voter ought to exercise his or her vote to determine and usher in the political changes necessary to move the nation forward, hence the need to demand certain values of conduct and discipline from political candidates and to those who govern us,”

Prophetic Declaration Services[edit]

These are proper Church services held by Christians from different church denominations, with a special focus on addressing Zimbabwe’s economic, social and political challenges from a spiritual stand point. During these services, the prophetic voice of the church will be harnessed and co-ordinated, and positive public declarations done. [Matthew 18:18-20]

The aim is to release the spirit of resolve to stand for God’s social justice agenda while neutralising all negative forces of darkness intending to plunge the nation into chaos.

It is important to note however that these Prophetic Declaration Services will help to restore the boldness of the church in playing her role of confronting and rebuking sin at every level.

Biblical Advocacy Training[edit]

These are trainings done for church leaders to help them play a meaningful practical role in national development as is reflected in Scriptures. The training curriculum covers broad areas that can be summarized into the five categories below.

  • The Biblical justification for involvement of the church in advocacy
  • Strengthen capacity of the church to relate social challenges with governance
  • How to conduct research-based, well-organised and bold advocacy activities
  • How to mobilise the community against violations of people’s God given rights
  • Legal, constitutional and technical know-how associated with conducting advocacy activities

Christian Indaba on Governance and National Development[edit]

This is a public forum for Christians where papers will be presented on current, controversial or complex issues by Christian theologians and leaders. The purpose is to get Christian theological perspectives on various governance and national development issues. Further to that will be an inquest into how the church should respond or participate in such matters. Politics, Economics, Justice and good governance form the core segments from which issues will emerge.

Christian Indabas will be held by the Christian Institute on Governance and Advocacy at different Public Venues in the country.

Peace Promotion Centers[edit]

These are convergences of Christian leaders in Provinces and districts, who advance the cause for peace, justice and good governance. They achieve this by convening Peace Prayer Services, holding dialogues with local community leaders and holding trainings for local church leaders. In the process they bring leaders to account and neutralize every effort to destroy the peace and unity amongst locals.

Awareness Campaigns[edit]

These are programs meant to educate Christians about their role in national development and good governance. The programs are conducted through dissemination of newsletters and handouts to different churches, Christian meetings, brief presentations to churches and bulletins shared in newspapers and other media platforms


Rapid response activities done by ZDD in response to any current violation of people’s God given rights. These activities may be done through any of the following or other ways deemed more effective at that moment.

Press Statements, Dialogue with concerned authorities, Public Demonstrations, Petitions, Letters to whom they may concern, Law suits or mobilization of likeminded people for any relevant legal and peaceful action meant to put pressure on concerned authorities.


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