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The Zimbabwe Hunters Association (ZHA) is a legally constituted Association formed in 1947 to represent the citizen hunters in Zimbabwe.

See Wildlife, Zimbabwe.


Zimbabwe Hunters' Association (ZHA) was first established in 1947 by a group of wildlife enthusiasts. The Association was instrumental in the creation of the original Game Department by bringing pressure to bear upon the Government of that day, and this interest was recognized by Government which consulted the Association in the drafting of the first Wildlife legislation.

Hunting associations throughout the world not only take a keen interest in wildlife conservation, but frequently are leaders in environmental education for the youth. ZHA is no exception and in 1981 acquired a concession over the RIFA Safari Area of Hurungwe in the Zambezi Valley. This is where the Rifa Conservation Education Camp is run from and is used to give the Zimbabwe youth a 'hands on' bush experience.

The twin objects of game conservation and hunting naturally cover a wide field of associated activities and ZHA makes every endeavor to encourage interest in bush pursuits, whether hunting, bird shooting, game and bird watching or just plain camping in wild places away from the concrete jungles of modern civilization.

It is the opinion of ZHA that of all the bounteous natural resources of Zimbabwe, the wildlife is the most important and the most valuable. It may not be the most valuable in terms of money, but it has a value that far transcends materialism. It both arouses and satisfies atavistic and aesthetic instincts and other even more fundamental instincts which defy definition. Listening to the call of the lion and the cry of the fish eagle modern man can shed the burden of his civilization and attain a fleeting return to simple humanity.[1]

Wildlife is our most precious heritage. Preserve it for ourselves and our prosperity.


The ZHA has as its three main objectives:

  • Procuring and administering affordable hunting opportunities for its members
  • Upholding the highest standards of ethical hunting.
  • Promoting conservation awareness amongst Zimbabwe's youth through the ZHA Conservation Education Programme from its RIFA Camp.


Nyakasanga Fishing Camp

Nyakasanga camp is run by the Zimbabwe Hunters' Association. The site is well shaded by tall riverine trees and has great views of the Zambezi. There are seven comfortable tents with two shower/toilet areas and a very efficient hot water system for the showers and kitchen. The dining room is attached to a monkey-proof pantry block with sinks and good washing up facilities, all under asbestos.

RIFA Conservation Education Camp

At the Rifa Conservation Education Camp in Chirundu the Zimbabwe Hunters' Association has a successful program of introducing young people to a 'hands on' bush experience.


  • Office - Mukuvisi Woodlands, Harare
  • Postal: P.O. Box HG.548, Highlands, Harare
  • Telephone: (00263) 242 747215-6
  • Website: http://www.zimhunt.co.zw/
  • Email: enquiries @ zimhunt.co.zw


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