It is media regulatory commission that regulates the print media in Zimbabwe and promotes freedom of expression and equitable access to information.

Establishment and History

The Commission was created through section 38(1)of Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act(AIPPA). Established through Constitutional Amendment 19 of 2009, the commission started its operations in 2010 after being gazzeted by the president.[1] Chaired by Godfrey Majonga,the commission is made up of eight commissioners.


  1. Uphold and develop freedom of the press
  2. Promote and enforce good practice and ethics in the press
  3. Promote and enforce good practice and ethics in the press, print and electronic media and broadcasting
  4. Ensure that the people of Zimbabwe have equitable and wide access to information, and
  5. Ensure the equitable use and development of all indigenous languages spoken in Zimbabwe


It was held responsible for the closure of the The Daily News in 2003,The Tribune and the Weekly Times which were seen as critical to government.[2] It has also been criticized for establishing the Zimbabwe Media Council which runs contrary to the already existing Voluntary Media Council of Zimbabwe(VMCZ) which promotes media self-regulation.[3]