Zimbabwe Transformative Party

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Zimbabwe Transformative Party

Zimbabwe Transformative Party is a Zimbabwean political party. It was announced on 26 May 2022. Its founding leader is Parere Kunyenzura.


The launch of the party was held in Harare on 26 May 2022.


  • A leadership in Government that is driven by the fear of the Lord.
  • A commitment to economic recovery and the betterment of the living standards of Zimbabwe’s citizenry.
  • Accountability of the Government about its revenue and expenditure, including, but not limited to, mineral revenue.
  • General accountability of the Government to the electorate.
  • Observation of the rule of law by the Government.
  • Observation of property rights by the Government.
  • A commitment to the upholding of human rights as enshrined in sections 44 to 87 of our Constitution.
  • Taming corruption in deed and in word.
  • Political tolerance to divergent views and constructive criticism and being open to reason, knowing quite well that correct ideas come from the people and that no one has a monopoly of knowledge.
  • Depolarization of Zimbabwe’s citizenry and her political landscape.
  • Infrastructural development, both soft and hard infrastructure; including the rehabilitation of our road networks.
  • Improving the country’s health delivery system.
  • Improving and steadying the country’s supply of energy.
  • Improving the country’s education system.

The party says it intends to implement transformative or life-changing approaches to the system of governance. Changes that are lasting; changes that are marked; changes that eventually lead to individual, social, religious and economic systems to re-vision and introspect themselves.

== Slogan ==

Baba: Ndimi muchatimiririra kupinda mu Canaan. Asi chivimbiso chatitambudza.

Nkosi: Nguwe ozasimela ekungeneni kwethu e Canaan. Kodwa isithembiso sakho sesisihlupha.

Kanda vote yako: Pamuchinjikwa ipapo. Pamupostori ipapo. Pagemenzi ipapo.

Phosa i vote yakho: Esiphambanweni khonapho. Kumpostoli khonapho. Kugemesi khonapho.


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