• Mugarden - is a popular collaboration song by Winky D and Gemma Griffiths. It was released on 14 February 2019 through a video. The song became an immediate hit in Zimbabwe receiving hundreds of thousands views on YouTube within days.


  • Everybody is Free to feel good - Rozalla
  • Chitekete - by Leonard Dembo also known as Musoro We Nyoka was one of Zimbabwe’s most prominent musicians in the 90s . Through his Barura express, Leonard Dembo released some of Zimbabwe’s musical anthems and Chitekete is one of the country’s well known songs.
  • Lullaby - by Simon Chimbetu The founder of the Dendera Ochestra Kings was also known as ‘Chopper’ on stage. Chopper was an amazing guitarist, vocalist and composer.


  • Jemedza - James Chimombe Born 1951 and passed in 1990. The vocalist/ guitarist played for bands like OK Success, the Acid Band, the Ocean City Band, and the Huchi Band.

Lovemore who was nicknamed 'majaivana' for his dancing prowess, was born on the 4th of December 1954 in Mambo Township, Gweru. but was raised in Bulawayo.