Zimbabweans Die in Botswana Accident (12 January 2015)

Zimbabweans Die in Botswana Accident (12 January 2015)
Date12 January 2015
LocationMartins-Drift road in central Botswana
Bus ownerPrivately owned
CauseStray Donkey in the Road
DamageCommuter Omnibus Daamged

Accident Summary

Date: Sunday, 12 January 2015
Location: Botwsana
Involved: Commuter Omnibus bus
Deaths: 11
Injuries: 7 injured
Cause of accident: The omnibus hit a donkey and hit a tree


11 Zimbabweans were killed in Botswana when their vehicle hit a donkey. The vehicle collided with a donkey before veering off the road and hitting a tree on the Martins-Drift road in central Botswana, spokesperson Christopher Mbulawa, Botswana Police Reported.[1] Five women, five men and a child died. Seven passengers in the same vehicle were injured. The police said preliminary investigations showed all the passengers, except the driver, had travel documents. They were en-route to South Africa.[1]

However, some relatives of the deceased are reported to have approached the relevant authorities saying due to financial constraints, they were not sure if they will have enough funds to transport the corpses to Zimbabwe for decent burials.[2] Two weeks after the accident had occured, Zimbabweans with relatives who died in the accident had not managed to get the bodies of the deceased for burial. They were said to have approached the Zimbabwean and Botswana governments for assistance and this appears not to have materialised.[2] Most of th people who lost their lives were locals from Matabeleland who were conducting cross border trading in Botswana and South Africa.


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