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Chaka-chaya NeEcocash or Ziyawa KuEcocash Promotion is a promotion run by Econet Wireless Zimbabwe's subsidiary Ecocash. The Promotion was launched in 2017 with about 100 000 winners. In 2018 it was announced that 150 000 prices were to be won.

How to enter the competition

According to their website CHAKA-CHAYA NEECOCASH! ZIYAWA KUECOCASH PROMOTION a customer is required to transcate $5 or more on EcoCash by sending money, cashing out, buying airtime, paying bills, paying merchants or simply receiving money from the diaspora directly into their EcoCash account.[1]

About Chaka-chaya Points

After a customer carries out transactions they earn points which will enable them to stand a chance of winning prizes. A draw is done every month and some of the monthly prices include :

  • Devices
  • Kwesé decoders + 1-month subscription
  • Goats
  • Cows
  • Cash
  • Stands

The bonus draw prizes include :

  • Stands
  • Shopping trips to Cape Town
  • Isuzu single cab pick-up truck
  • Goats

A customer is able to check their point balance by Dialing *151*300#

Promotion Terms and Conditions (2018)

  • It was announced that the promotion will run for 3 months from 8 April 2018 to 5 July 2018.
  • The customer must: TRANSACT: EARN POINTS: WIN IN A DRAW for this promotion.
  • A customer will need to have transacted in the following use cases: [Send Money, Cash Out, Airtime Purchase, Bill Payment, Merchant Payment, Received money from the Diaspora into EcoCash]
  • Transactions that are eligible to earn points are in multiples of $5. Every $5 transaction earns you 1 point.
  • Monthly draws to be conducted under the supervision of Deloitte Auditors and the internal Risk team.Read More
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