Zodwa Wabantu
BornRebecca Zodwa Libram
  • Dancer

Zodwa Wabantu is a South African socialite and dancer. She burst into the spotlight for her dance moves like Vosho‚ her skimpy outfits and openly admitting to not wearing underwear.


Zodwa Wabantu was orphaned when she was only 9 years old and she is a mother to one son, Vuyo.[1] In August 2017 she denied reports she was lesbian and said:

"Look‚ as far as relationships are concerned‚ I am currently single after breaking up with the man I was seeing. I am not attracted to women like that. I have kissed women and I believe there is a picture circulating of me kissing a woman‚ but it was just a kiss. I kiss a lot of people when I am at events because I am friendly to my fans. But I am not lesbian."


Hardships when growing up

"Growing up people always told me I would be nothing. I know what I am here for. I knew I had 'something' but I didn't think it would be this big." “I left home when I was 16 and until today, no matter how hard life was out there, I never packed up and went back home. When you are young, you are less fearful of life because you are optimistic compared to when you are older. Back then I just hustled."

Zodzwa did not do well in her matric studies and she has hopped from one job to another in order to survive.She is reported to have indulged in sexual relations in exchange for money and not feel ashamed of it.

Zodwa Wabantu tour cancelled

"If you asked me out then I would sleep at your place and in the morning I would expect money. Some may say it's prostitution but I was hustling. I just needed to survive."For some reason, the owners of these places would allow me to go in, even when I had no money. I would just dance and entertain and by the time I got to KZN, I already knew my skills."[3]

The entertainer is however quoted as having said children must not be allowed to go through what she experienced and not indulge in premarital sex.


She used to work for a debt collection company for four years but later resigned to indulge in the entertainment industry.[1]

Career as a dancer

Zodwa became popular for her dance moves at Durban’s Eyadini Lounge and has since climbed the entertainment ladder. She and her friends used to visit the Rock Club in Soweto and she became famous for her dance moves. She works and dances for numerous celebrities, although her closest ties are with DJ Tira.[1]

Zambia Ban

Zodwa Wabantu was banned from performing in Zambia in March 2018. The authorities cited that they wanted to avoid committing public immorality offenses,

It’s clear we’re a Christian nation and we uphold the values of morality and ethics. As a nation, we cannot allow such. I mean, someone performing without underwear, there’s no morality there.[4]

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