Founded2015; 7 years ago (2015)

Zympay is a remittances company based in the UK which targets the African diaspora. The company enables people in the diaspora to pay for services in Africa like electricity, groceries, and school fees. Zympay was launched in 2015. It has partnerships with companies in Zimbabwe such as GAIN, CABS and ZB Bank.


  • Dakshesh Patel
  • Michael Josiah


  • International bill payments - enabling customers to directly pay service providers abroad for utilities, healthcare, loan repayments, school fees and much more without transferring money. Customers pay in their adopted country, using a payment card - or online banking - in local currency
  • International collections - ZymPay lets institutions collect payments from customers overseas, such as mortgages and insurance premiums.

Key Developments

In July 22018, Zympay partnered ZB Bank to offer the Zimbabweans in the diaspora to pay school fees back in Zimbabwe. The partnership facilitated digital payments of school fees for Zimbabweans living outside the country directly into the school’s account at ZB bank.[1]