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About Ano-Joy Manyika
Born              : Anogonashe Manyika
                    29 December 1997
Stage Name        : Ano-Joy
Occupation        : Gospel singer, songwriter
Residence          : Harare, Zimbabwe
Parents            : Apostle St. Manyika and Pastor M. Manyika
Ano-Joy is a Zimbabwean gospel singer, songwriter and one of Zimbabwes youngest upcoming gospel artists.
Ano-Joy was born on 29 December 1997 and she is the second daughter of Out for Christ ministries founder Apostle Samuel Manyika and Pastor Maureen Manyika.
Ano-Joy started her career at age 11 as a backing vocalist for her older sister, Sharon Manyika and popular gospel group "House of David". In 2017 Ano-Joy joined and became one of the main faces of LDC Choir (Living Word Deliverance Choir). In the same year she released her first ever single entitled "ndakaviga shoko" as a solo artist which received a good response for a debut single.
January 2018 Ano-Joy signed onto OFCI music label and released her debut EP entitled "my everything".

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