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AWA Awakhiwe Sibanda
BornAwakhiwe Sibanda
ResidenceMakokoba, Bulawayo
  • Musician
Known forBeing a musician

AWA is the stage name of Zimbabwean Zim Hip Hop artist, the rapper Awakhiwe Sibanda. AWA is one of the most popular female Hip Hip artists in Zimbabwe. She's won awards in the Zim Hip Hop Awards. AWA is based in Makokoba, Bulawayo.

AWA's stage name stands for Africa Women Arise.

AWA has performed at Shoko Festival.


She grew up in a number of townships in Bulawayo namely Nguboyenja, Makokoba and Pelandaba. AWA says growing up, she lived in a house where violence was the answer to everything. She however says her family is really religious and associate Hip Hop with drugs and social deviance.

Music Career

AWA started in music at a home studio in Makokoba called Makokoba Township Records (MTR). Most of AWA's songs are in Ndebele, with a few lyrics in English.

In 2015, AWA had a documentary done by Vice Media's Noisey who interviewed and followed her through her first performance at Shoko Festival.

In September 2016 she was featured in a BBC article. During the period, she performed in the UK as part of Voices of the Revolution, a collective of 15 female musicians from 10 countries including Egypt, Brazil and Venezuela.[1]


Awa Khiwe is currently studying social work at the University of South Africa.



She was arrested for participating in a ThisFlag Movement protest at Makokoba in July 2016.[2] Speaking to Nehanda Radio about the arrest she said,

I was arrested for being present at a #ThisFlag anti-government protest at Makokoba. It was a terrifying experience honestly especially after what happened to Journalist/Activist Itai Dzamara but luckily I was released the very same day.



Zimbabwe's Rap Queen: Noisey Raps

Bulawayo Hiphop artists AwA Khiwe and Cal Vin in Studio

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