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Author, ''Taku’s Awakening'', (Harare,Publisher: Baniar International, 2018)
Author, ''Taku’s Awakening'', (Harare,Publisher: Baniar International, 2018)<br/>
Author, ''The Art of Realising Your Dream''. (Harare, Publisher: Baniar International, 2017).  
Author, ''The Art of Realising Your Dream''. (Harare, Publisher: Baniar International, 2017).
==Further Reading==
==Further Reading==

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Abel Mavura is a social justice activist who has written two books, Taku’s Awakening, and The Art of Realising Your Dream. He founded an NGO in Mutoko and Harare.

Personal Details

Birth - 23 March 1986, Mutoko

School / Education

  • Primary and Secondary Makosa High School Mutoko 2000-2006
  • Diploma in English British College of Professional Management Southampton England.
  • Bachelor of Science in Sociology Great Zimbabwe University (GZU) 2012-2015
  • Diploma in Journalism and Communication Christian College of Southern Africa (CCOSA)
  • Master in International Affairs Advanced Global Studies Sciences Po University, France Paris * School of International Affairs. 2018-2019.
  • Current Studies LLM Human Rights & International Law Europa Universitat Viadrina (Frankfurt-Germany)

Service / Career

Founder of Marvel Acts Youth Organisation in Zimbabwe (MAYO), 2003. NGO, Harare and Mutoko.
294 B Mutoko Medium Density Stands,
Tel: + 263 772 602 081
Community Development Programmes with a focus on youth and women. 6 employees,


Author, Taku’s Awakening, (Harare,Publisher: Baniar International, 2018)
Author, The Art of Realising Your Dream. (Harare, Publisher: Baniar International, 2017).

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