Adam Chisvo

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Adam Chisvo

Adam Chisvo (Died 13 July 2011) was a popular Zimbabwean instrumentalists known for his amazing Mbira playing skills and his breath taking percussion sounds. Chisvo rose to national stardom when he was part of the celebrated group Ilanga in the early 1990s. The group became one of the best groups at that time with hits such as 'Joy, love and Happiness' and 'True love'


Chisvo was married to Priscilla and the couple had three children.[1]

Music career

Chisvo went into music as a young boy of 6 or 7 years old. He was passionate about playing mbira and was taught by his older brothers to play the instrument. During his days at Shingirayi Primary school in Mbare, he honed his skills by playing drums for the school’s traditional dance group and then took to practicing on his own. His prowess led him to join a traditional group called Mhuri YaMatari. The group was led by Joseph Matari. Together with the group, Chisvo made his debut international tour when the group toured Europe in 1983.[2]

  • Ilanga

Chisvo joined Ilanga at the formation of the group in 1989. Together with Charles Mangena played the percussion that gave the band a peculiar sound the music listeners could easily identify.[3]

  • Mbira Brothers

During the 1980s, Chisvo teamed up with the late Devera Ngwena drummer Naison Kabanda and formed Mbira Brothers. The group went to record the song Tamba Wakachenjera. The group also toured Europe where they received rave reviews for their performance. This opened new opportunities for Chisvo who instantly found himself invited to join Coco Zambezi together with Oliver Mtukudzi’s former band member Kenny Neshamba.[4]

  • Peace

At the time of his death Chisvo was playing with Victor Kunonga's band Peace.

Solo career

In 2009 he launched his solo career with the release of his debut album Famba Pore Pore with Sheer Music. The eleven track album some of the country's best musicians such as Oliver Mtukudzi, Victor Kunonga, Chiwoniso Maraire and Willom Tight.[5]


Chisvo died on 13 July 2011. He succumbed to diabetes after struggling with it for a while.[1]


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