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African Sun Limited is a Zimbabwe based hospitality management company established in 1968.

Contact Details

Head Office
Bally House, Mount Pleasant Business Park,
Cnr. Norfolk Road/870 Endeavor Crescent,
Tel: +263 242 250501, 338232-40
Cell: Email:,

South Africa
Tel: +27 (0) 100030079, 100030081-85

Organisation Structure

Four divisions;

  • City and Country Hotels,
  • Resort Hotels,
  • The Victoria Falls Hotel Partnership with Meikles Hospitality (Private) Limited
  • Sun Leisure division, which comprises Sun Leisure Tours and Sun Casinos

2020 – Ed Shangwa, African Sun Limited Managing Director, Chairperson of IHG (International Hotels Group) Owners Association-Africa.

The group spun off from Delta Corporation in 2003 with Shingi Munyeza as CEO. In January 2015, the company sold its hotels in Ghana and Nigeria, and announced in 2016 its withdrawal from regional operations to focus on its domestic market. In March 2015, Shingi Munyeza left and E.T Shangwa became the CEO. In July 2016, African Sun bought 2,050 m2 of the Harare Gardens to extend the Crowne Plaza Momomotapa Hotel, which was in negotiation since 2010. In October 2017, Brainworks, African Sun's holding company, was introduced on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, the first Zimbabwe-based company to be indexed on the South African stock exchange. In July 2018, Herbert Nkala stepped down, and Alex Makamure was appointed new chairman of the board.


The group’s portfolio includes:

  • The Victoria Falls Hotel,
  • Elephant Hills Resort and Conference Centre,
  • The Kingdom at Victoria Falls,
  • Caribbea Bay Resort,
  • Great Zimbabwe Hotel,
  • Hwange Safari Lodge,
  • Holiday Inn Harare,
  • Holiday Inn Bulawayo,
  • Holiday Inn Mutare,
  • Troutbeck Resort,
  • Monomotapa Hotel,
  • Sun Casinos (Harare Sun Casino & Makasa Sun Casino)
  • Sun Leisure Tours.

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