African Apostolic Church

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African Apostolic Church
African Apostolic Church
(Mwazha Apostolic Church)
Paul Mwazha, Founder of the African Apostolic Church
ArchbishopPaul Mwazha

The African Apostolic Church is one of the largest locally initiated religious movements. It is also known as the Mwazha Apostolic Sect and is known for its signature chant, "Africa Yedu!". The church is led by Apostle Paul Mwazha affectionately referred to as Mutumwa by his followers.


The church was formed in 1951 by Paul Mwazha after he received his Divine calling.[1]

The Church

The church has strong Christian principles. It is pentecostal and it also believes. One of the key aspects which distinguishes it from charismatic churches is its strong Christian conservative stance. The church strongly discourages loose morals. This explains its unique dressing which involve long dresses for women. The church enjoys a considerably bigger following from among local Zimbabweans. Among other things, the church also emphasises pan African moral and cultural values.

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