African Apostolic Church of John Maranke

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Apostolic Sect

The African Apostolic Church of John Maranke was founded by the late Muchabaya Momberume popularly known as Johane Marange in the year 1932 in Manicaland Province

Message and Teaching

When Johane the founder started his work in colonial Zimbabwe, it is said that he encouraged people to sabotage the colonial regime by refusing to pay taxes because the word of God did not allow for the domination of fellow human beings through colonialism.[1] The message of Marange resonated with other communities outside of Zimbabwe as well such as Malawi and Mozambique and as far afield as the Democratic Republic of Congo. Since the days of Johane Marange, the church has continued to grow in leaps and bounds. The church encourages its members not to go to hospital to seek medical attention, they believe in divine/spiritual healing.

Succession Debates

Over the past years since the death of the founder of the church, the apostolic sect has been battling with the issue of succession. Some of the succession battles are said to have caused several splits in the apostolic sect with splinter groups forming their own churches.[2]


There have been media reports linking the church to alleged acts of satanism and the abuse of young girls who are said to be married off to men as old as 50 years. Some of the girls were said to be as young as ten years and were being married to 50 year olds that allegedly already had up to five or more wives.[3]

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