Albert Nguluvhe

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Albert Nguluvhe
  • Politician
Political partyZanu-PF

Albert Nguluvhe is the former Deputy Director-General of the Central Intelligence Organisation.



Nguluvhe lost his CIO job because of his alleged links to Robert Mugabe, who was ousted from power in a military coup in November 2017. At the time, Nguluvhe insisted he was just a professional not aligned to any Zanu PF faction at the time.[1]


In the 2018 Harmonised Elections Nguluvhe won the Beitbridge East Parliamentary seat by 13 949, against the MDC Alliance’s 11 495. Nguluvhe stood as a Zanu-PF candidate.[2]

Car Break-ins

On 18 June 2019 Ngulube said he was subjected to a series of suspicious break-ins by unknown people who have on all occasion stolen his documents, leaving other valuables. The break-ins gave rise to speculation that the assailants, believed to be his erstwhile former colleagues in the state spy agency, could be targeting some information they think he may have.

In June 2019, a break-in took place around 9pm after he came from parliament and parked his car to buy himself dinner at a local restaurant. After the meal, he went back to the car to get his bank cards so that he could pay the bill, only to discover that it had been broken into.

According to security guards who secure the Avondale area, two men drove in an unmarked black Toyota sedan vehicle and proceeded to smash his windows with steel bars before stealing documents.

They were, however, interrupted by the guards who, upon noticing the incident, advanced toward the scene, prompting the assailants to abandon the mission. They jumped into their car and drove off at high speed, taking with them some of the legislator’s documents.

On May 8, 2019, Ngulube’s car was broken into whilst he watched the Uefa Champions League match between English club Tottenham Hotspurs and the Dutch side Ajax Amsterdam at a local hotel.

When he returned to the car park, he discovered his vehicle had been broken into by men who pulled in driving an unmarked white car. They had broken his car windows and stole a bag containing documents. They later dropped the bag in the city centre. It was picked up by a passerby who took it to a police station in Mbare.

Police then called Ngulube to collect the bag after coming across his parliament business cards.

On 11 June 2019, unknown people broke into his Toyota Land Cruiser vehicle which he had parked at his rural home in Beitbridge. They went away with his battery and some items.[1]


Ngulube was arrested nearRobert Mugabe’s home in November 2017, just after briefing Mugabe on the security situation in the country. He reportedly stopped when he saw army tankers going in the direction of Mugabe’s home and asked the troops where they were going. The soldiers, however, seized him as he was among a group of people targeted for capture to ensure Mugabe is isolated from his key security and political personnel.“They took his cellphone, watch and gold chain and later detained and interrogated him. He was heavily battered."[3]


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