Alliance for People's Agenda
LeaderNkosana Moyo
PresidentNkosana Moyo
FounderNkosana Moyo

The Alliance for the Peoples Agenda is a political party aiming to form the new government of Zimbabwe 2018, to restore Zimbabwe to a place of honour among the nations. The founder, Nkosana Moyo, defines it as a movement.

About APA

The formation of The Alliance for the People’s Agenda is the culmination of a conversation between concerned citizens. The conversation brought together like-minded individuals who morphed into a team driven by an ethos of shared core values. In seeking to build a new nation, the team decided on social democratic values that would serve as a solid foundation upon which the country can be rebuilt:

  • Freedom: the idea that every Zimbabwean should be free to enjoy all the rights of citizenship in a peaceful and sustainable society.
  • Justice: the belief that all Zimbabweans can enjoy the protection of the laws of the country regardless of their background.
  • Solidarity: the pursuit of a fair deal for all in a society where the most entrepreneurial, talented and creative can thrive while, at the same time, ensuring that the less privileged are neither abandoned nor relegated to anonymous obscurity.

APA is Pan African in outlook, people-centered and constitution driven. The team, driven by these shared core values, understands that only a society built on core values and competence will help to restore Zimbabwe to prosperity and a place of honour among other nations. They then elected one of their own, Dr. Nkosana Moyo, to lead them.

APA Pillars

  • National cohesion (unity): building a nation where every citizen feels that they belong
  • National institutions (freedom): reforming institutions so that they serve the nation not political parties
  • Service delivery (work): insisting on a civil service with a best in class performance culture
  • Meritocracy: giving responsibility to those who possess the requisite skills to deliver on responsibilities. We will have zero tolerance for *cronyism, patronage and nepotism
  • Sound economic management: build a modern and prosperous society through job and wealth creation, research and development for global competitiveness

Foreign Policy

APA’s foreign policy will be based on five basic principles: –

  • Zimbabwe’s interests topmost
  • African solidarity and economic integration
  • Respect for the sovereignty of other countries
  • Resolution of disputes through respectful engagement
  • Responsible global citizenship

Campaing Strategy

APA relied on various unique tactics in the 2018 general elections campaign.The tactics ranged from not wearing branded t-shirts, door to door campaigns, interface public rallies and one on one engagements with the electorate.

Not wearing branded t-shirts

Alliance for People's agenda's leader Nkosana Moyo said that his party was not going to hold rallies and barred its supporters from wearing branded party regalia a move which was meant to protect its supporters. Nkosana Moyo said

T-shirts are like uniforms and with uniforms, you are saying you belong to a certain group.We want to build a united Zimbabwe.If I say I want to give you T-shirts, I don't have the money so I will end up seeking donations and to me, that's not good

Door to door campaigns

APA relied on door to door campaigns and targeted sporting events, funerals, and public gatherings.

Interface Public Rallies

APA relied on Public interface rallies which convened under the banner Crafting a youth agenda.

Alliance for People's Agenda interface rally poster Bulawayo in 2017

One on one engagements

Alliance for People's Agenda relied on one on one engagements with the electorate as it leader Nkosana Moyo was seen engaging people in various public places in Zimbabwe.