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Andrea Gada
Andrea Gada.jpg
Known forHit by a car in the United Kingdom

Andrea Gada was a 5-year-old Zimbabwean who was based in the United Kingdom who died after he was hit by a car on her way home from school in December 2014 in the company of her father. Her funeral was delayed on the basis that her grandparents and her aunt were denied temporary visas to fly to UK to attend her funeral.

Fatal Accident

Andrea was hit by a car on 16 December and was admitted at St George's Hospital.[1] She however died from the injuries she had sustained the following day. Andrea's grandparents, Stanley Bwanya and his wife together with her aunt, Monalisa Faith Bwanya were denied visas to travel to UK to pay their last respects to Andrea.[2] This caused a public outcry and more than 130 000 people signed the visa petition document which was sent to David Cameroon, the Prime Minister of UK to revoke the decision made by the Home Office.[1] Stephen Lloyd, a member of the Liberal Democratic Party also joined in the campaign and petitioned Cameroon.[3]

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It was stated that, Andrea relatives were denied visas on the basis that they are poor hence they were prone, not to return back to Zimbabwe by seizing the opportunity to stay in UK. The family relatives however offered to report to a police station on a daily basis whilst in UK.[2] Notwithstanding this, members of the Eastbourne community raised 5 000 pounds meant to cater for those who were expected to come to UK.[3]

It was reported that, the parents of the deceased received a letter from Cameroon and that the relatives were called for interviews at the British Embassy in Zimbabwe on 3 February 2015.[1] Andrea's funeral is expected to be held 9 February 2015.[4]


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